Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9/11 XOME, [view], BSBC, Timm Mason, NovaHead vs. ChickenTron, Masturbatory Dysfunction, Interracial Sex, Shithouse, ~adc, Knifecream, Masaaki Masao @REBAR

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Xome will be performing in Seattle September 11, 2014
at Rebar 
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Timm Mason

Masaaki Masao

NovaHead vs. ChickenTron

Masturbatory Dysfunction

Interracial Sex




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SQUALL: Monday 8/18 Cathartech // Ffej // NoisePoetNobody + Sisuitl // King Coconut Tree And His Monkey Men 5

Monday August 18th, 2014: SQUALL



NoisePoetNobody + Sisiutl

King Coconut Tree And His Monkey Men 5
[Bombthreat23 FullTilt Ice Cream]

1809 Minor Ave
6pm, 21+

some people face book like a motherfucker

The nascent Squall evening at Kremwerk is shaping up to be an essential convocation of noise- and drone-oriented musicians—even though its Monday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. time slot is tough for working people to make. Nevertheless, this bill's worth delaying your dinner for.Cathartech (AJ Lindner) is a veteran treblemaker in the experimental scene whom I'd lost track of. My mistake. His recent work abounds with sublime, metallic drones that induce anedgy sort of meditativenessFfej is both a writer of cantankerous electro-rock songs and an experimental composer. We'll likely hear the latter side of his output tonight. Ffej's overlooked 2007 gem Patterns in the Storm recalls the infernal pulsations of Conrad Schnitzler and themalevolent atmospheres of Gil MellĂ©'s Andromeda Strain soundtrack. NoisePoetNobody + Sisiutl's 2013 album Flecks of Mica combines hurdy-gurdy with stark, rippling modular analog synth emissions to form madly detailed and compelling drone constructions. Fans of Pauline Oliveros and pre–Velvet Underground John Cale, take note. With King Coconut Tree and His Monkey Men 5. DAVE SEGAL

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7/26 FURNITURE WORSHIP at the Josephine in Seattle

Saturday July 26th, 2014 at Josephine in Seattle, WA
Furniture Worship
Breathe Glass
Masaaki Masao
Windswept Planes

Poster Design by Peter Keller / JODIE

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scummer Noise Fest This Sunday July 20, 2014

Sun July 20 2014
- Kemikal Adiktion Presents : Scummer Sunset - 
Don Haugen (Eugene,Or) 
Klowd (Sacramento,Ca) 
Chefkirk (Eugene, Or) 
Overdose the Katatonic 
Disease Eater 
PXKX ( Project from Bacillus/Jodie/Hanford/etc DEBUT!!) 
8:30pm, $8 21+
The Highline